The nurdles’ quest for ocean domination

Posted on February 22, 2015 by DrRossH in Plastic & Wildlife

The nurdles’ quest for ocean domination – Kim Preshoff | TED-Ed.

Nurdles are the tiny, factory-made pellets that form the raw material for every plastic product that we use, from toys to toothbrushes. And while they look pretty harmless on land, they can really wreak havoc on our oceans. Kim Preshoff details the nurdles’quest for ocean domination, shedding light on the particular features that allow these pervasive polluters to persist for entire generations.

This should compulsory watching for any one working in the plastics manufacturing industry.  It is akin to global warming.  Once we get a lot of CO2 in the atmosphere it will be very hard to get it out and it will take centuries of hardship due to the careless behaviour of a earlier generation.  Same with plastic nurdles.