The Recycling Innovators Forum Incentivizes Recycling’s Future – USA

Posted on October 28, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

The Recycling Innovators Forum Incentivizes Recycling’s Future | Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine.

Alcoa, The American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division, Coca-Cola Recycling, eCullet, Resource Recycling, Inc. and Waste Management, Inc. today announced the 2013 Recycling Innovators Forum and Competition.

The simple and most effective recycling step to take for drink bottles is to make a deposit scheme and put a reasonable amount on the deposit.  Like 10 or even better 15 cents.  In place that have deposits, recycling of bottles goes to over 80% vs 10-20% for no deposit areas.    So why is Coke above sponsoring this forum yet vehemently opposing any such talk of a deposit scheme?  Why are they so hypocritical?   What are they scared of?

Is it perhaps that a deposit scheme would make people recognise that these bottles are pollution items after all and that Coke has been making products that pollute out lands and waters for all these years and trying to hide this?