The Rubbish Revolution – Australia

Posted on April 15, 2019 by DrRossH in Plastic & Wildlife, Plastic Waste News

Source: The Rubbish Revolution

It’s the rubbish triathalon and it’s sweeping across Melbourne, leaving nothing in its wake, except pristine streets, parks, waterways and beaches. The participants are out there on foot, in kayaks and in weighted wetsuits, picking up what others have dropped, thrown, or perhaps hidden.

Love our Street 3162 (Caulfield South) convener Sophie Vid started organising monthly street cleans after realising her neighbourhood had a rubbish problem. “I was on maternity leave and spending a lot of time on foot and walking around with my young son in the pram. Having that perspective of being on foot, it was unavoidable: all the rubbish everywhere. Footpaths … gutters … in parks … shopping strips. It got to a point where I was really compelled to do something,” she says.

She started picking it up. “I did it with my eldest son as a fun activity to kill some time, in between feeding and sleeping. Then I came across this group that had set up in Elwood, which was a street-cleaning group,” she says. In December 2017, Vid started her own. The first event attracted 18 people, now the monthly cleans draw around 40.


Love Our street is part of BeachPatrol.  A volunteer group covering over 40 post codes picking up litter from beaches and Neighborhoods.