UN Paper on Plastics in the Oceans 2106

Posted on January 22, 2016 by DrRossH in Plastic & Wildlife


Great to see such a serious topic get more and more media coverage.  It is a complicated topic and hard to get all the facts right.

The comment on oxo-degradable seems to be accurate as not being valid as a biodegradable claim.
Another plastics expert comment with this:

The UN paper is riddled with errors. One error was the assumption that there are no biodegradable plastics except for PLA, and oxodegradable plastics. They incorrectly identified PMMA as biodegradable. They misread a study about Mater-Bi, and confused it with starch. They referred to an obsolete and withdrawn ASTM standard for ocean biodegradaton of plastics. They misidentified polycaprolactone as a hard, durable plastic. They identified a rare plastic, PES, as common, etc. In general, it seemed as though it had been written by a high school student in a hurry.

So good to see the coverage but they need to be more specific in what they say as people believe this as the trust in most cases.