Victoria will get cash-for-cans, container deposit scheme – Australia

Posted on February 2, 2020 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Source: Victoria will get cash-for-cans, container deposit scheme

After many long years of doing nothing, the State government has finally announced a container deposit scheme to give consumers 10 cents back on their drink bottle or can.  Every other state has or is implementing one, so Vic is the last.  Also thankful we are getting one, they are also taking longer than any other state to bring it in.  3 years!   Why so long?   The other states know how to do it, so it ought to be relatively quick for Vic.   Why so long?   That is allowing many millions of those resources to escape into the environment rather than be recycled or reused.  Vic. has no real way to deal with large scale waste at the moment as the governments have been hiding their head in the sand when it comes to waste management.  Now that it has all fallen apart with the China Sword and other countries following on.   So perhaps that is why they put 3 years on it, to give them a chance to try to do some waste management and make a place where all these returned containers can go.