Victoria’s CDS – who’s right and who’s wrong? – Australia

Posted on June 29, 2021 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Source: Victoria’s CDS – who’s right and who’s wrong? – Inside Waste

Victoria’s governmental announcement on April 14 that it had made a decision on its Container Deposit Scheme (CDS), which will follow the NSW split responsibility model where there will be network operators and a coordinator. The Victorian government took its time to develop what it considers to be the best option, with more than 3,000 submissions received and two public surveys carried out.

The coordinator will be responsible for managing the finances and commercial viability of the CDS; conduct audits of the scheme to prevent fraud; pay refund amounts and collection network costs to the network operators; and report against performance targets set by the government.

The network operators will establish and maintain a network of refund points; distribute refund amounts to consumers; distribute payments to refund collection point operators, and report on CDS participation and redemption rates.

As with all CDS’s, the beverage suppliers will fund the scheme.

“VicRecycle (run by the beveridge companies)  ran a very deceptive campaign in an attempt to mislead the government and a whole lot of charities,” 

Finally, there is the issue of transparency. Klymenko (Vicrecycle) can’t help but feel that the naysayers of the proposed VicRecycle scheme have not done their homework, and that it’s more about lack of trust of multi-national beverage manufacturers.

Klymenko is correct, there is huge mistrust of the beveridge companies as all they have done in the last 20 years is fight a CDS.   They don’t like it as they think their sales will fall and less profits.   Have they reported reduced sales in other states?   They do not say.

A CDS scheme should be designed to maximise containers being returned.  A system that is run by the beveridge companies would be trying to do the opposite, so they cannot be allowed to be involved with collections.   The Vic government has chosen the right scheme.