Where does your recycling go? The answer may surprise you

Posted on January 17, 2017 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

While U.S. and Canadian industry buys some of the paper and most of the cast-off factory steel, much of the rest — especially plastics — ends up on barges to the developing world.

Source: Where does your recycling go? The answer may surprise you

 I’m always a little irritated when I hear people say “recycling is good for the environment.” It still takes a resource toll.

 I hate, I absolutely hate, the image of the three arrows making a triangle. Paper can be recycled six or seven times. Most plastics can only be “down-cycled.” Down-cycling means that you are taking something that had a use and basically lowering the use value — for example, plastic candy wrappers can’t be recycled into new candy wrappers. You melt them down and you get a very ugly hard plastic. Who would want that plastic? Somebody making something really cheap, like plastic lumber. You lose the flexibility to use that product in a variety of ways. Even metals, whenever you melt down metals in the smelting process, there’s always material lost along the way. It’s not a closed loop. There will never be a closed loop.

Great article.  Every one who thinks recycling is the be all to end all ought to read this.