Who’s afraid of plastic bags? -Philippines

Posted on November 29, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Who’s afraid of plastic bags? | Inquirer Lifestyle.

This is an article written by a producer of an additive to make plastic bags fragment into little bits of plastic that then flow and blow around the environment.  In this state these fragments are dangerous for wildlife and us as humans.

If buried in a landfill where there is little oxygen, these bags will not break down like they infer they do.  Instead they sit polluting just like a conventional bag will do which is 100’s of years.   They will not biodegrade and hence methane for power generation cannot be used which is a great loss.

They imply that a bag does not take us much space in a landfill there fore they are ok.  However a billion bags in a landfill takes up a of space and can interfere with the designed landfill operating sequence.  It is by far a better choice to not let these bags be made to send to landfills in the first place.