Firms highlight bio-breakthroughs

Posted on March 12, 2012 by DrRossH in BioPlastics

Plastics News – Firms highlight bio-breakthroughs.

We are glad to see at least one person make the comment “Some materials, like PET, can be bio-based, but they won’t be biodegradable”.   That is exactly true.   What bioplastics are doing is substituting oil for arable land.  That is all.  The main concern for plastics is their disposal side or how to eliminate plastic waste from the products these companies make.   There is very little to address this with bioplastics.  These companies will continue to see their products getting dumped to landfills and dropped as litter.

One commenter said “it must be recycled,” said Mark Mendelson.   But if they continue to do nothing about encouraging recycling of their products, nothing will change with respect to the disposal side of plastics.  They ought to support container deposit schemes, support active advertising campaigns to promote antilittering, work with councils on kerbside recycling programs.  It is a big expense, but they are the ones producing products that make this lack of recycle/litter problem.