Grocery Plastic Bag Ban And Other Environmental Measures Move Forward -Virgin Islands

Posted on June 23, 2016 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

ST. THOMAS — Governor Kenneth Mapp’s proposal to restrict the use of plastic bags in the territory overcame its first hurdle on Monday, as senators who make

Source: Grocery Plastic Bag Ban And Other Environmental Measures Move Forward

Bill No. 31-0379, one of three solid waste reforms sent down to the Legislature in February by the governor, was widely supported by senators, experts and concerned citizens. The legislation will require businesses and organizations to utilize reusable bags or compostable plastic bags with the goal of eliminating plastic bags at point of sale checkouts. A large percent of all litter consists of these bags with many ending up in our waters, where plastic bags can choke sea life, kill corals and end up as chemicals in our food chain. Plastic bags will still be allowed where no acceptable substitute exists such as wrapping prepared foods or meats.

Several have testified in favor of the bag ban, including local grocer Marty Goldberg, owner of the Fruit Bowl on St. Thomas. Mr. Goldberg applauded the effort to ban the widespread use of plastic bags and agreed that the proposed laws governing bag use are critical.

It is baffling from a common sense point of view  that a little Island like this can do this when a major city like New York who will have a massive plastic bag problem, can’t introduce such a simple bill.  Why are New York politicians supporting the plastic bag industry?