2023 could be turning point for waste industry – Australia

Posted on March 23, 2023 by DrRossH in Plastic Recycling


With the Circularity Gap report stating that only eight per cent of global materials are circular and over 70 per cent of global emissions stem from material management, the recent Federal directions are necessary, and the set targets non-negotiable. However, we are still miles away from where we need to be. 

The penny may have dropped but five years on, we continue to consume too much, with an overwhelmingly proportion of products being made from virgin material. This is despite numerous conversations, the most recent at this year’s COP27, on the need to change consumption and production

We have had a sobering wake-up call with the release of the National Waste Data report, which tells us that even with a plan, we are still not on the path! To get to where we must go, we need to bring on two million additional tonnes of demand for recycled products and material every year from now until 2030, which means another 14 million tonnes of recovery infrastructure alone. That’s not to mention the design, behaviour, and regulatory change needed to support this. 

Al ong way to go.