MPs brand bag charge plans “a complete mess” as sector rounds on new report – UK

Posted on June 22, 2014 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

MPs brand bag charge plans “a complete mess” as sector rounds on new report | Packaging News | Jobs | Production | Design | Innovation.

One can tell who has a financial interest in this plastic bag issue.  The manufacturers all seem to come out with claims about which has the lowest carbon foot print or how many jobs are going to be lost or how no harm is coming to the environment from these bags.  All the while they are only looking after the profits.  Hiding behind these false claims is showing their greed.

It can be broken down into some clear and simple considerations.   Plastic bags are heavily littered, perhaps not percentage wise but just by the shear number of bags that are littered.  It is a very large number.  We should not be in this situation.  Many people are carless and do not care and whether we like to admit it or not they are not likely to change.    We tried to change their habits for years now with basically negative success.   We are going backwards.   The best way to bring about change it to put a fee on their bad behaviour.   That will change a behaviour quite fast and it has been proven time and time again now, Ireland, Italy, California and more.

Plastic bags are a menace.   They serve a purpose for a short time then last 100’s of years.  How is that justifiable in any one’s mind?  Saying they get reused around the house has no additional meaning.  With in a few days they are in the bin.

We do not need disposable plastic bags.  Places that have banned or imposed a charge for them have no gone broke or businesses having had to close.  People just bring a reusable bag and carry on with their daily lives.  It is not a big imposition like the bag manufactures would have us believe.

Put a charge on them all, biodegradable or not and keep it simple.  It will be a better place for all.