Plastics Help Lighten The Holiday Season’s Environmental Footprint

Posted on November 24, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Plastics Help Lighten The Holiday Season’s Environmental Footprint | Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine.

While we agree with the message of the American Chemistry council on using recycled plastic items whenever plastic it to be used, but are they really serious when they advocating people buy a plastic Christmas tree and use durable plastic tableware.   Whatever happened to the Christmas smell of a fresh pine and washable tableware?     How many of lament over the loss of the traditional Christmas spirit.  One of the factors that causes this loss feeling is the absence of the real Christmas icons that we had as children back in the 50’s and 60’s.    The excitement of going out to find the perfect tree, getting it home with out breaking it, setting it up and then all the joy of getting the decorations out to lighten it up with the fresh pine smell permeating the whole house.  The placing of the presents under the tree and watching the children sneaking peaks and pokes and prods while spending hours under that magical green symbol of eternal hope.   Now the ACC is telling us to get a plastic tree out of a box, stick it in the corner and feel good about ourselves.  Their greed for pushing plastic has gone to far when they try to override Christmas.   They have all year to mislead consumers about plastic bags and plastic water bottles and plastic disposable consumer items.  Now the one last bastion of sacredness is being plasticised.   The Christmas season where for a few short weeks people go out of their way to believe in something special and pretend there is something bigger in our daily lives that just ourselves.  A time where we act differently and experience things we would not normally do for the rest of the year is now being wrapped in plastic.  This is a product so inert, that it deprives all our senses of any joy.  Except perhaps the sense that we have yet another product that will lay as waste polluting the earth for the next 500 Christmas’s