Singled out for small portions A Environmental Disaster

Posted on November 23, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

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While manufacturers often cite the rise in demand of single serve packets as their excuse to make more of them, it is the other way around.  This is called Manufactured Demand, where the manufactures first create something then market it to people telling them it fits their lifestyle. (Bottled water is the classic example of this, where the bottling companies made a product then conned consumers into believing their “mountain fresh water’ was better for them than the city water and charged them 1000’s of percent more).
The rise in single serve packets with each one wrapped in its own plastic packet is an environmental disaster.  It is irresponsible manufacturing to make a single serve packet that lasts a few minutes, in a plastic material that will last 100’s of years thereafter.  Many of these single serve packets are not recyclable either with the move to the Tetra pack style packet.  (Another environmental disaster).  If manufacturers had to pay a ‘packaging recovery fee’ to cover the correct disposal of their waste products, then it would be interesting to see who jumps on the single serve bandwagon as single serve packets would have much higher fees to pay.