Speaker: Plastic production must be reduced to address marine debris – Europe

Posted on November 4, 2016 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Düsseldorf, Germany — The world must stop producing and consuming more and more plastic if the issue of marine litter is to be addressed effectively, warned a leading German conservation group.Cornelius Detloff, of the Naturschuzbund Deutschland (NABU), said manufacturers have to

Source: Speaker: Plastic production must be reduced to address marine debris – Plastics News

“The plastics industry has to join in a dialogue and discussion on how to tackle this problem,” Detloff said.

“Industry needs to strengthen its social and ecological responsibilities, and when going into new countries for the first time, it needs to help those markets develop effective waste management strategies,” he said.


The plastics industry has a lot to answer for.  Yes no one would argue that plastic has solved many problems.   But the reckless behaviour of the industry to pump out so many disposable plastic products that every one knows will end up being littered, getting into the ocean, blocking drains and so on.   These items are the ones that make up a lot of the oceans plastics.   These have to be curtailed and drastically.   We do not need many of these at all.  Don’t’ need plastic bags, don’t need plastic straws, don’t need stretch wrap and many many more products that have a one time life of a few minutes.