Waste Green Report highlights Concerns – Europe

Posted on November 11, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Waste green paper highlights concerns

The use of non biodegradable virgin plastic should be discouraged though a tariff.  If people can use recycled plastic they would be exempt of that.  People that make compostable or landfill-biodegradable plastic (That passes ASTM D5511 or Euro Equiv) would be exempt too.  Degradable plastics ought to be banned due to their environmental hazards.


We have to reduce our use of disposable plastic as it just accumulates and accumulates.  Most of it is unnecessary, just for show.  Making an item just for show is not worth it polluting our lands for 100’s of years.  Manufacturers need to contribute to the solution to the problem their packaging is making.  Contribute through a tariff scheme where the funds are use to set up more efficient recycling,  transport to WTE plants, or R&D to get away from these materials that are being used irresponsibly.   When they pay this plastics tariff it will incentive them to use alternate environmental options.  As it stands now they can produce anything they like without being involved in any of the consequences of what their product causes.  That is out of balance and not right.  Industry responds to financial incentives quite quickly.