Australian retailer backtracks on green initiative

Posted on December 9, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Australian retailer backtracks on green initiative – News – Plastics News.

Geelong-based department store chain Target Australia Pty. Ltd. returned free bags to its 308 Target and Target Country stores in October, after removing them in June 2009.

Cooper said Target got about 500 complaints a year after it stopped handing out free bags. But he added that a far larger number of shoppers express dissatisfaction at the checkouts, although those complaints were not tracked or recorded.

“We had lots of feedback from customers saying they didn’t feel they should be forced to buy bags, but should have a choice,” he said.

Anne Sharp, a senior researcher in sustainability at the Adelaide-based University of South Australia, criticized the decision to offer free bags again.

“Target is responding to a small, vocal minority, while ignoring a largely happy majority. Many people valued Target’s environmental commitment in removing plastic bags. Going back on that has left these people confused and upset, with some saying they will no longer shop there,” she said.

This is a very disappointing stance taken by Target.  One source we read mentioned that Targets sales were down to ‘only’ a few $100 million last year and the manager screamed do something to get it back up.  And this is the best they can come up with?  Blame their drop in sales on the plastic bag?  Did they not think it may be due perhaps to a recession in the economy like other business had at the same time?  Shame on Target for being so short sighted.