Balloon Council USA – Balloon ban idea misguided

Posted on January 25, 2017 by DrRossH in Balloons

In the interest of fair and balanced news coverage, let’s address some inaccuracies about ball…

Source: Letter: Balloon ban idea misguided

The Balloon Council shares Palm Beach’s passion for the environment and welcomes the opportunity to join the effort to educate consumers about responsible balloon practices to help the environment. But banning balloons would have little impact on the environment, yet it would cause great economic harm to the hardworking families who depend on balloon sales for their jobs and their livelihood.

Lets be actually clear on this.  No one should be making a living off selling an item that has such a short term use and long term damage to the environment.  That fact that balloons were allowed to be sold over the last 50 years or so doesn’t mean it was ever right.  The numbers back then were smaller and the massive plastic problem in our oceans and lands was not present.  Now any disposable plastic item like a balloon should not be allowed to be released into the environment.   The people that have made money selling balloons have made money when they should not have been doing it.  So it is time to move on and find a more environmentally friendly product to sell.

Latex does not biodegrade in the ocean, it does not biodegrade on the ground.  Only when sent to a microbe rich environment will products biodegrade.  So the Council is misleading readers a whole lot with their partial information.  Meanwhile, a turtle that eats a balloon fragment will still suffer the same problem as a normal piece of soft plastic.

Then also many balloons are tied up with a string which is a entanglement plastic item so it too is a threat to wildlife.

It is shameful that some people would put making a few $1000 in profit for themselves potentially causing an agonising death to innocent wildlife, over a healthy environment for them and the wildlife.