BINGO happy about government commitment – Australia

Posted on May 25, 2021 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Source: BINGO happy about government commitment – Inside Waste

According to the National Plastics Plan, in 2018-2019 Australians used 3.4 million tonnes of plastics, one million tonnes of which was single use plastic.

84 per cent of plastic in Australia is sent to landfill and only 13 per cent is recycled, with over 130,000 tonnes of plastic leaking into our marine environment.

According to the Plastic Waste Makers index 20 firms produce 55 per cent of the world’s plastic waste and we Australians generate the most single-use plastic waste on a per capita basis annually (59kg per person), that is ahead of the United States, South Korea and Britain.

This is a dire picture and we don’t anticipate the new government “National Plastic Actions” plan will sufficient to make a big change any time soon for plastic waste.  More rigid controls on Industry are needed to get them involved in the solution of the waste their products are making.