Bio-based PET project moves on to pilot plant -USA

Posted on February 1, 2016 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Bio-based PET project moves on to pilot plant | .

Anellotech has been working with partners to try to make paraxylene and other aromatic petrochemicals from biomass, all in one reactor, a process it claims avoids costly, multi-step pyrolysis methods that require large amounts of hydrogen.

Anellotech calls its process Bio-TCat. Catalyst specialist Johnson Matthey is one of its partners. Another partner is Suntory Group, an Osaka, Japan-based multinational beverage producer. Suntory would like some of its beverages packaged in 100 percent biologically derived PET.

Biologically derived PET is no better for the environment that oil based PET.  It is the same molecule, so all these companies are doing is looking after their supply chain and doing nothing about the problems their plastic products make.  They need to take that extra step.