Biodegradable Bags Cause Outrage in Italy. (It’s Not Really About Bags.)

Posted on January 11, 2018 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

A law requiring consumers to pay for produce sacks has prompted a flood of protests. But, with elections set for March, the anger is about more than a 2-cent surcharge.

Source: Biodegradable Bags Cause Outrage in Italy. (It’s Not Really About Bags.)

“Everyone is always quick to say that they are environmentally friendly and mock Trump for global warming, but where you ask them for a minuscule and a little-more-than-symbolic concrete contribution, they become indignant,” the historian Marco Gervasoni wrote in a front-page editorial published on Thursday in Il Messaggero.

Italian news outlets reported that the annual cost per family averaged between €4 and €12.50 per year, or about $4.80 to $15, depending on how much one paid per bag.

The irony is that the griping over the need to pay 1 or 2 cents for produce bags far outweighed protests over 5 percent increases in domestic gas and electricity bills as well as increases in highway tolls.

“We pay half of our income in taxes, and then our blood boils for a bag that costs a euro cent,” the conservative journalist Vittorio Feltri wrote on Twitter

Ridiculous by the Italians.   You would suspect however that this is being media hype being stirred by the bag makers in the background who could care less about the Italian public and the Italian environment than they do about their own profits.