California pushes for caps to be tethered to plastic bottles – USA

Posted on February 16, 2018 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

We need these lids tethered.

Technology hurdles

Does the technology exist? The beverage industry’s chief lobbying group says no, it’s not well-developed yet.

Fredericka McGee, the vice president of California government affairs for the American Beverage Association, told a Jan. 8 Assembly committee hearing that the industry is “clearly not opposed to the use of a tethered cap” but did oppose Stone’s legislation because it’s “an unworkable mandate.”

Beverage-makers agree waste is a problem but see technical hurdles, she said.

“There is some work to be done, clearly, but … we can’t solve that problem if we don’t have the technology to do it,” she said. “Carbonated drinks and hot-fill drinks, which is what this bill provides for, still there is no technology available right now to provide for a tethered cap.”

What stall tactics from the beverage industry.  A tethered cap could be drawn up on an CAD type program in a couple of hours.  It would cost them a few cents more is probably more their concern than concern for the environment that their products are polluting far too much.

What about bottle labels on plastic bottles too.  There are more bottle labels floating around the environment than plastic caps even.   Another failing of the beverage industry.