Cleaning Up Our Act: Redirecting the Future of Plastic in NSW – Australia

Posted on March 29, 2020 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations


Plastic has vastly improved the quality of our lives and allowed us to pursue
unparalleled advances in technology, transport, communication, healthcare,
safety and education.  However, plastic has also become synonymous with
the global consumer economy and underpins our use and dispose mentality—so much so that plastic is piling up in our natural environment and posing a risk to human health.  
The plastic that is littered today will still exist in hundreds or even thousands of years’ time—possibly longer. Even when plastic does break down, it
doesn’t go away, it often becomes microplastics or nanoplastics, which can adsorb dangerous chemicals.
The plastic itself and the chemicals attached can be breathed in, absorbed through the skin or ingested. If we don’t improve how we manage plastic now, plastic pollution will only increase, causing more damage to our environment and increasing the risk to human health, now and for  generations to come.

This has now all be overshadowed by the Covid-19 outbreak.  When that is over (whatever ‘over’ means) we hope this gets back to the top of the agenda.