Coca-Cola cloud over recycling lobby bid – Australia

Posted on September 28, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Coca-Cola cloud over recycling lobby bid.

This is very hypocritical.  How can organisation that calls itself an environmental group with the name of ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ support the largest manufacturer of public polluting items in Australia,  which is the disposable plastic drink bottle.

Take a walk along a public beach or park on a summers day, and it is clear from the 100’s of littered coke bottles that Australia is not so beautiful as KAB portends.    Coke has been saying for years there are better solutions, but not one has worked and they know that.  They are just stalling as they reap their profits while at the same time keeping the public ignorant by supporting organisations like KAB.  KAB pretend are entrusted by the public to believe they are looking after Australia for us.   They have to disassociate themselves away from such any sponsor who has a vested interest.

This article says Coke will be financially hit is strange.  Coke will pass on the 10 cents that is all.  A person paying $3.00 for a coke in a café is not going to notice this.  Coke is just threatening loss of jobs (as most irresponsible manufacturers do when facing an action to make them more responsible) in order to scare the government to not support the container deposit scheme.  It has been shown time and again that a CDS has approx. 90% support from the public, so why has this not been put into place long ago.  Does our government represent us the voters or Coke?

There is a shining example in South Australia that has had a CDS for many years.  Coke would have us believe there is less coke sold in SA than other states because it is 10 cents more expensive when you buy it.  The sales of Coke in SA as the same as in other states per capita.  People in SA get the 10 cents back when they return the bottle.  So there is no net cost to a consumer.  A little fact Coke tries to hide.   For those people who chose to not return their bottle for the refund, then the unredeemed funds go to operating the scheme and to civic groups.  The Scouts in SA raise approx. $9Mpa alone.  The SA councils incomes are up approx. $90,000.
SA recycling is over 80% where as other states sit about approx. 25%.  This is such an obvious large benefit to every one involved.


Put a CDS in place and watch the litter disappear with in a few months, extra jobs created by operating the scheme, extra funds created for state governments.

There are many people who have stopped consuming Coca-Cola products due to their irresponsible actions.  When will Coke learn that if they come out and support measures to protect our environment, people will support them.