Companies need to be accountable for event waste management

Posted on July 29, 2014 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Companies need to be accountable for event waste management – Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine Blog.

Food festivals make for a lot of people scouting around for garbage cans, or in my delusional case, recycling and compost bins. (Ya right, Dave! Where do you think you live? San Francisco? Well, no, but I don’t think Toronto has to be so far behind. Do you?)

What I ended up seeing Friday night was extraordinary amounts of organics mixed with metals, and plastics mixed with liquid beverages. Kind of a waste free-for-all— just toss it in the bin and lid it.

This person is so right, the party responsible for allowing the waste to be made has to partially responsible for its clean up.  And clean up is not throwing it all to landfill, out of sight out of mind.  Clean up is recycling everything that can be recycled.  Composing what can be composted.  Yes it might cost more but cost more than what?  Doing the wrong thing?  We have gotten away with it in the past when we had less people and less disposable waste.  But now both have grown considerable so to maintain the environment we are used to processes have to change.  Change always involves cost but then it settles down to the new paradigm.