Expanding recycling will require a local approach

Posted on September 29, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Plastics News – Expanding recycling will require a local approach.

Future increases in recycling materials will come from local and state initiatives, possibly in the form of extended producer responsibility (EPR) initiatives — and not from nationwide endeavors.

And for recycling to grow by leaps and bounds, the different groups involved in recycling will need to cooperate more and look at recycling in a different light.

This is not all the consumers and local groups responsibililty to get this material recycled.   The maufacturers of these recyclable plastics need to be made to play a large part too.  For example the introduction of a bottle deposit scheme will take recycling from below 20 % to over 80% in just a few months.  That is millions and millions of bottle that now go to litter and landfills all of a sudden become recycled.   Such a scheme costs the bottle manufcturer very little, costs the consumer who redeems their bottle nothing either.  It is win win all the way.  But bottle manufacturers fight such schemes therefore they need to be forced into them to make this work.