How-To Reduce Plastic Waste | AAA State of Play

Posted on October 24, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

How-To Reduce Plastic Waste | AAA State of Play.

Many people rely on the benefits offered by plastic products. Plastic bags, food packaging and containers are common plastics used in schools. Oklahoma State University reports that one school-aged student who uses disposable lunch products creates 67 pounds of waste during a nine-month school year. Essentially, one middle school with an average number of students can create more than 30,000 pounds of waste in the lunchroom alone. Many school districts are looking to ways to reduce, reuse and recycle disposable plastics in lunchrooms and classrooms.

The use of disposable plastic for lunches is large as the above shows.  Schools ought to be a particularly easy to reduce plastic usage with the use of reusable containers as the author refers too.  Focusing on plastic reduction is far better long term than on various ways of recycling.