‘Impending plasticide’: Emergency tax tipped as waste crisis deepens- Australia

Posted on November 21, 2018 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Australia’s waste crisis is tipped to deepen, with global wealth manager Credit Suisse predicting the federal government will intervene within two years.

Source: ‘Impending plasticide’: Emergency tax tipped as waste crisis deepens

A tax of the use of virgin plastic is the only market way to get the use of plastics down.   Taxing virgin plastic products and not plastic products made of recycled plastic would greatly strengthen the demand for recycled plastic waste.   Which is near zero in Australia currently.    This is desperately needed.   But will any majour government step in front of industry these days even if it means doing good for the country?  Particularly a right wing government that is controlled by large industry.  We have not seen any examples lately.
The current govt is talking about fast tracking waste to energy plants as a means to stop this plastic waste problem we have.  While these plants can process a lot of waste per day, it does nothing to promote the reduction of the use of single use disposable plastic items.  May even encourage the manufacturers to produce more.     Reduction of plastic waste has to be the answer and for many common products it is quite simple.  Plastic bags or straws for example.   A plastics tax would do this rather well if the tax was set high enough to make industry seek alternative packaging solutions.