Lot of hot air – Australia

Posted on June 5, 2017 by DrRossH in Balloons

The sparks were flying at the recent council meeting, and all over helium balloons.

Source: Lot of hot air

“Here we are going to sacrifice the happiness of children… here we have a nanny state at its extreme,” he said.

As other councillors interjected with “fun police” and “fake news” remarks, Cr Myles continued: “Here we have a council intruding into peoples lives …. there have been sacrifices on the altar of some form of political expediency.

A fine example of right wing people not being able to think beyond their wallet.  To say we should sacrifice the environment and its wildlife for the sake of ‘fun’ for kids is naïve.   Have they also taught  their kids to be so unimaginative they can’t think of anything else?   It  is a sad day when we have closed  minded people like this in an office of power.    These people are ‘representatives’ of the people, not there to promote their own personal agenda.