Maine enacts first statewide EPS food packaging ban – Plastics News – USA

Posted on May 3, 2019 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Maine has become the first state to ban expanded polystyrene food containers, after Gov. Janet Mills signed legislation April 30 that prohibits selling or distributing them in the state. Mills said 14 cities and towns in the state have already passed local bans on disposable EPS food packaging, and

Source: Maine enacts first statewide EPS food packaging ban – Plastics News

It said the ban is part of what Maine needs to do to reduce pollution from plastic.

“With the threats posed by plastic pollution becoming more apparent, costly, and even deadly to wildlife, we need to be doing everything possible to limit our use and better manage our single-use plastics — starting with eliminating the use of unnecessary forms like plastic foam,” said Sarah Lakeman, director of the sustainable Maine program at NRCM.

Maine House member Stanley Zeigler, D-Montville, who sponsored the legislation, said the law would help the state’s tourism industry by controlling litter and aid local seafood industries by keeping plastic out of food chains.

As well he said it would support Maine businesses making alternative packaging from more locally sourced materials like paper.

Maine made the right decision. We don’t need that product. It is a huge environmental blight on the environment. Recycling of EPS is very difficult at best. The ban is the far more economic and better outcome