Oregon lawmakers ban EPS, boost reusable packaging – USA

Posted on April 28, 2023 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations


The Oregon legislature April 26 passed two measures aimed at controlling plastic waste — a ban on expanded polystyrene foodservice, packing peanuts and coolers, along with a second bill to boost reusable packaging.

“The only way to head off this crisis is to start reducing the amount of plastic we create, use and throw away, and to start doing that as quickly as possible,” said Tara Brock, Oceana’s Pacific counsel.

Some state senators linked the EPS and reusable packaging measures, saying they work in tandem. The EPS ban bill also restricts fluorinated PFAS chemicals in packaging.

The reuse bill would make it easier for restaurants to offer hygienic reusable and refillable containers as an alternative to single-use plastics and packaging.

“Products that have a ‘forever’ impact on our planet, like polystyrene foam, which doesn’t biodegrade, and PFAS forever chemicals that build up in our bodies and environment, should be eliminated,” said Sen. Janeen Sollman, D-Hillsboro. “As we move away from these wasteful and harmful plastic products, we should make it easier for Oregon businesses to offer reusable options to help make the zero waste future we are working to build a reality.”

Limits on EPS foam docks

Next door in Washington state, legislators recently passed a modest reuse bill that also phases out small plastic personal care containers in hotels and takes aim at foam-filled floats used for boat and recreational docks.

The legislation, which also requires any new building constructed with water fountains to also install bottle refill stations, passed in early April. Gov. Jay Inslee signed it April 20.