Oregon PET recycling plant has new name, set to open

Posted on April 28, 2012 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Plastics News – Oregon PET recycling plant has new name, set to open.

We applaud this plant for getting into operation.  It should not be the tax payers that are providing all the funds to get this going however.  It should be the bottle making industry subsidising recycling companies like the above to collect and recycle the plastic waste the bottle companies are partially responsible for.   Why do the industry bottling companies get let off scott-free on this?  Why are they allowed to produce products that have a very short one-off life, use valuable resources, and yet get littered or dumped to a landfill to be lost forever?  That is irresponsible to allow this to happen.  Surely our economy would be better off if these bottle manufacturers pitched in to help get their discarded products back to be recycled.  It is called Extended Producer Responsibility.  Schemes like a container deposit scheme would go a long way to getting recycling up to 80% or more and we’d all be better off.