Plastics Labeling Requirements – USA

Posted on June 7, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

In-stand beer sales, primitive structure bills clear Senate ::

The state Senate dispensed with more than 20 bills Wednesday, hearing little if any debate on each. Among the measures that cleared the chamber were:
HB 315: Plastics Labeling Requirements: Certain plastic bottles are biodegradable. Those biodegradable bottles contain material that can disrupt the recycling process used to remake other non-biodegradable plastic bottles. Under H 315, biodegradable plastic bottles would have to be labeled as not recyclable. The bill now goes to the governor.

A sad example of our legislators at work.  Firstly it said the bill went through with little discussion from the floor.  These so called ‘leaders’ are not qualifies to make these decisions as evidenced by the little debate on this.  There are several ways to make a bottle biodegradable, only a few a non recyclable (oxo-degradable, compostable) , others such as landfill-biodegradable are fully recyclable and it should be encouraged.  These legislators are just making the control of plastic waste more of a problem with blind laws like this.