Plastiphalt: Recycled plastic hits the road in St Kilda – Australia

Posted on September 19, 2019 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Source: Plastiphalt: Recycled plastic hits the road in St Kilda

The path to a solution for Victoria’s recycling crisis could be paved with plastic after one council resurfaced a suburban street using hundreds of kilograms of discarded auto car parts.

It is being rebuilt using former plastic car components, which otherwise would have been sent to landfill, to create a more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional asphalt.

It is part of a two-year trial designed to divert commercial waste from landfill. The council previously conducted a smaller trial in Middle Park.

Cr Gross said the recycled material did not contain microplastics – tiny plastic fragments – that have plagued Melbourne’s waterways and Port Phillip Bay.

“That’s important because we want to get the world away from these microplastics,” Cr Gross said. “You can go down to any beach on Port Phillip Bay and put your nose to the sand and find lots of them.”

Why is it not microplastics?  If it is not now will it become micro as it wears down over time?  The tyres do so why not the road material as well.  Somehow this seems not the best thing to do.