POLL: Metro Vancouver residents strongly against incineration proposal- Canada

Posted on September 24, 2014 by DrRossH in Landfills and Disposal

POLL: Metro Vancouver residents strongly against incineration proposal

Before they do this, they need to put some of the cost this will be back on to the people who are responsible for making this waste in the first place, namely the manufacturers.   This is a classic case of the need of an EPR program.  Getting the manufacturers to contribute to the cost of all this recycling is essential.  If they want to not pay more then they should look at products that don’t make unnecessary waste in the first place.  A company like Coke is a classic example.   Coke needs to be a support of a container deposit scheme.  A CDS would remove over 80% of the littered bottles from Canada public lands.
Putting a waste surcharge on manufactures will be a big driver for them to reduce the packaging, and other waste their products make.   that is what we should be striving for in the first place.  Up till now the manufacturers have not been held responsible at all for the consequences of the waste from their products.  Now it is time to do so.