Re-fuse Efficiency In a Circular Economy -Europe

Posted on July 11, 2015 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Re-fuse Efficiency In a Circular Economy – Waste Management World.

Jonas Byström, senior sector specialist, water & waste management division, European Investment Bank (EIB) explains that in order to progress to a circular economy we need to stop calling waste a waste and instead consider the term re-fuse…

Jonas Byström
With a growing global population and increasing consumption, it is becoming more and more evident that we live beyond the means of the earth’s finite resources and environmental carrying capacity. This is manifested not only by the often alarming effects of a disturbed environment and stressed climate, but also by the last decade’s rising resource prices that followed a century of falling prices. Together, these factors provide a strong case for steering away from the current linear take-make-use-dispose society towards a more circular economy, where, the utility and value of materials are maximised, their wastage throughout the value chain is minimised, and any waste generated is considered an asset rather than a liability.

In the waste sector, the development towards a circular economy presents both challenges and opportunities. Waste managers should consider how best to adapt to and benefit from this new reality and contribute to its further realisation. A key challenge is to find ways to more firmly establish the view that our post-consumption discards are resources, whose management should fully reflect their inherent resource and energy value, also considering that this value will continue to increase in parallel to resource depletion.