What is the New Plastics Economy Initiative? -UK

Posted on January 30, 2017 by DrRossH in General

Source: What is the New Plastics Economy Initiative? Pollution Solutions Online

After the publication of a comprehensive report that same month, the New Plastics Economy team set about trying to convince major players in all manner of industries to come around to their way of thinking. The end result was the Davos conference, which took place on Monday 20th January 2017 and saw over 30 of the world’s leading companies agree to investigate better methods of plastic production and consumption.

The research gathered by the New Plastics Economy initiative revealed three key strategies for improving plastic’s environmental performance in the coming years. These consisted of:

  • Recycling as much as 50% of all plastic waste, by altering design and post-use handling methods
  • Reusing as much as 20% of all plastic products, for example in the case of plastic shopping bags
  • Redesigning the remaining 30% so that even if it does end up in a landfill, it will naturally decompose over time and not be a threat to the environment

We should not let companies get away with saying their packaging is recyclable and not doing anything else.   That just leads to a lot of litter that doesn’t go away.  Manufacturers have t be part of the solution with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) being part of every day production.   A plastics tax on conventional plastic materials would be the simplest way to push manufacturers away from plastic packaging.  They would soon figure out a way to use other more benevolent materials for their products.