Are bioplastics still plastics?

Posted on September 11, 2015 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Are bioplastics still plastics? |

Narayan acknowledged that the pubic relations’ strength of the word biodegradability carries a lot of weight. “All of this biodegradable stuff sounds good. The public loves it! But, I ask, in what environment will this degrade? Define environment. The word biodegradable means nothing.”

But the release says nothing about the year-long mess in the environment—including lakes and oceans—while we wait for the materials to degrade, and why that’s any better than teaching people not to litter. Nor is it better than waste-to-energy methods, which help capture plastics’ fuel qualities.

In the end, plastic is plastic, no matter what environmentally correct prefix you add to it. And plastic is sustainable and it is recyclable. I agree with Narayan when he argued that the industry should channel more of its energy on recycling and waste-to-energy conversion, saying these are “the best use of plastics.”