CEFC, Woolworths back Samsara’s infinite recycling – Australia

Posted on March 31, 2022 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News


Samsara launched last year, and claims it has developed a new way to infinitely recycle plastic which it says will help end plastic pollution. The company says the technology uses enzymes to break plastic down to its core building blocks, which can then be used to recreate brand new plastic.

“The current approach to recycling is simply inefficient and ill-equipped to handle the plastic pollution crisis we are faced with today,” said Paul Riley, Samsara’s founder and CEO.

“If we are serious about addressing this problem in a meaningful way, we need a new approach to how plastic is made and recycled.

“Instead of mining for fossil fuels to create new plastics or relying on current recycling methods, which result in only nine per cent being actually recycled, we can take plastic that already exists and infinitely recycle it. 


Sounds good but so many hurdles to overcome to make a commercially viable system.  Recycling of plastic has had many big planned start ups over the last 40 years and all have failed.