Coca-Cola Co. has taken a stance against bottle deposit laws

Posted on December 30, 2011 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Haven’t we learned by now that the current methods are not working and are just seen as ways for manufactures like Coke to keep on doing what they are doing now and not have to make any changes.  Lots of excuses and pushing the responsibility on to other people such as ‘making recycling containers available’, or ‘doing more education’.  Companies that produce large amount or products that end up as litter need to be responsible for their products and not pay lip service to the problem.  How can Coke think that every time a consumer sees a discarded coke bottle laying on the road or on a beach that that is not negative marketing of their company?  If Coke supported a recycling scheme, then people would be excited to pick up their littered bottles and return them. This is much more positive reinforcement of the Coke name and there would be no Coke bottles littering around (for very long that is) and none of this negative marketing that is going on now with littered bottles.  Coke could ride off this hype and in their marketing campaigns say they deplore people who litter.  With Coke actively supporting bottle deposit schemes it would eradicate littered products that may be made by Coke products and keep our environment beautiful.   A campaign like that would win so many hearts and minds of consumers to get behind and support Coke.