Coffee cups will be hit with a 25c levy in new plans to curb single-use plastic – Ireland

Posted on March 30, 2022 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations


We use 22,000 disposable cups an hour in Ireland.

Now coffee drinkers who do not bring their own reusable ‘keep cup’ to the counter will be hit with a levy of up to 25c on disposable coffee cups, according to new measures announced by environment minister Richard Bruton.

Unveiling the plan to reduce single-use plastics, the minister said it: “Our first response must be to reduce the amount of waste created in the first place”.

“The coffee cup levy should also lead to savings for consumers who make the switch, as well as savings for retailers who have to carry less disposable stock. In introducing a coffee cup levy, clear pricing information will be vital. Clear information regarding price will be important in driving change,” he said.

The potential levy on disposable cups and an increase in the plastic bag levy (from 22c to 25c) will now be put out to public consultation.

65% of us ‘never’ use a reusable cup