Curb ‘devastating’ plastic waste, MPs say

Curb ‘devastating’ plastic waste, MPs say

Posted on January 6, 2018 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

MPs want deposits on plastic bottles and a higher levy on packaging to protect the seas from pollution.

Source: Curb ‘devastating’ plastic waste, MPs say

EAC Chair Mary Creagh MP said: “Urgent action is needed to protect our environment from the devastating effects of marine plastic pollution which, if it continues to rise at current rates, will outweigh fish by 2050.”

She added that the current levy on plastics producers only raised a fraction of the cost of dealing with plastic waste.

“Packaging producers don’t currently have to bear the full financial burden of recycling their packaging,” she said.

“By reforming charges, the government can ensure that producers and retailers will have financial incentives to design packaging that is easily recyclable – or face higher compliance costs.”

The committee also proposes a minimum 50% recycled plastic content in plastic bottles to stimulate the recycled plastics market.

This would be great if the UK could do this and show leadership to the rest of the world.