Does Promoting Green Environment Include You?

Posted on June 7, 2013 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – Does promoting green environment include you?.


This author is correct on all the problems with plastic but wrong on how to deal with it.  Her promotion of Oxo degradable plastics is flawed.

The above article was many errors in it.  When talks about biodegradable plastic are made there has to be clear distinction made between how and where the biodegradation will occur.    Oxo or photodegradable plastics are degradable, not biodegradable.  Degradable is the breakdown by a chemical reaction into small plastic fragments.  Biodegradable is a biological process whereby naturally occurring microorganisms digest the plastic.  Two very different process and often confused by people who do not understand.  Oxo degradable is nothing to do with biodegradable.  Oxo degradation will only occur for a littered item on the ground in sunlight over a couple of years.  No one should encourage leaving litter around for a couple of years.  Oxo degradable is not mainstream recyclable either.   To dispose of an oxodegradable product requires for it to be incinerated in reality.  Then if it is to be collected and burned then why put an additive in it in the first place.  Sadly the salesmen of the oxo additives are greenwashing their products to mislead those who do not understand the process.