Grocery Store Hipocrisy – Australia

Grocery Store Hipocrisy – Australia

Posted on March 1, 2014 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Australia only has two main national grocery stores.  Woolworths and Coles.  Both members of the Australian Food and Grocery Council. (AFGC).   This council has opposed the introduction of a container deposit scheme (CDS) to stop our nation being littered with drink bottles and cans.  Australia has a huge littering problem with these items.   They are littered every where.  The AFGC has cited reasons for not introducing a CDS from being too complicated,  or being an inconvenience for the consumer.

Yet this picture here shown inside one of these grocery stores tells people they have to make a refundable deposit in the store to get a shoppingWoolworths Trolly SignCropped cart.  The deposit will be returned when the trolley is returned.  Yes you read that right!

These deposits on the carts were introduced as people were taking the trolley from the store to take their groceries to their car or dwelling and not returning them.  Even leaving them littering the street where they were left! Imagine.

The hypocrisy of this.   It is fine for the store to have a deposit scheme to get their trolley back but they oppose a deposit scheme for drink bottles they sell.    They have learned that a deposit scheme works well for their items yet they still oppose it for a drink bottle saying it won’t work!  Shame.