Mandatory packaging standards welcomed – Australia

Mandatory packaging standards welcomed – Australia

Posted on June 14, 2023 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

A government move toward mandatory packaging design and targets has been described as a watershed moment in Australia.

Source: Mandatory packaging standards welcomed – Waste Management Review

Plibersek said environment ministers expect the companies responsible for producing packaging to take responsibility for their waste but it’s clear that voluntary targets and design guidelines aren’t working. Three million tonnes of packaging is sent to landfill each year – equivalent to about 200 billion chip packets.

“We need to dramatically reduce packaging waste, and the harmful chemicals that destroy our environment. We see packaging in the guts of dead birds, floating in our oceans, destroying nature as it takes generations to degrade,” Plibersek said.

“Put simply, we’re making too much, using too much, and too much is ending up in landfill.

“Until now, governments have ignored calls to step in and set mandatory targets. While some in the industry have stepped up to voluntarily reduce their impact, it’s just not enough. We’re changing that.”