New Bio-on plant to produce bioplastic microbeads for cosmetics – Italy

Posted on March 23, 2017 by DrRossH in General

Source: New Bio-on plant to produce bioplastic microbeads for cosmetics

First plant from new Bio-on Plants production unit will produce Minerv Bio Cosmetics, the 100% bioplastic destined to replace the microbeads in cosmetics that pollute the seas and are now prohibited in many countries.

We saw this news release on this ‘biodegradable bead’. We hope they realise and are not trying to green wash the consumer and cosmetic makers,  that just because a plastic is biodegradable does not mean it is harmless.   A biodegradable plastic only biodegrades away when put in an environment where there are lots of microbes in a healthy environment where they thrive.   If the biodegradable plastic is not disposed there it will NOT biodegrade but remain a dangerous product for marine life and our food chain.

Have they researched this?

It is just like balloons.   They are made of latex and the balloon manufacturers say they are not a problem as they are biodegradable.   Yet balloons extract a deathly tool on marine life as they do not biodegrade in the ocean.   Even if they did get to a microbe rich environment it would take months to biodegrade and in that time they are still dangerous.

So we hope they are careful and accurate with their claims and are not  green washing a product just to get sales.