New WtE facility being built in Melbourne – Australia

New WtE facility being built in Melbourne – Australia

Posted on May 19, 2022 by DrRossH in General, Landfills and Disposal


A Melbourne based waste to energy company is developing a state-of-the-art waste to energy and integrated resource recovery processing plant which will deliver baseload renewable energy while importantly recovering recyclable materials from waste.

Great Southern Waste Technologies (GSWT) has secured land in Cooper St, Epping, Melbourne to build a new waste to energy (WtE) facility in Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs.

GSWT owner, Craig Gilbert announced his company has secured land in a strategic waste processing hub and will develop the site into the first WtE operation of its type in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

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“We saw a terrific opportunity to combine the world leading WtE technology exclusive we hold at GSWT within the local recovered waste success story precinct to ensure even greater success in diverting waste from landfill while also removing over 240,000 T of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere,” Gilbert said.

The new waste processing plant will pre-sort commercial, industrial, household and other wastes for recyclables before end-of-life wastes are environmentally well managed with gasification WtE technology to produce electricity.

“This will be GSWT’s second WtE facility in Victoria after recently getting the green light for our first facility in Dandenong South,” Gilbert said.

GSWT’s Chief Operating Officer, Lukas McVey says the partnership will develop a small, fully-enclosed WtE facility which can process up to 200,000 tonnes of waste per year and generate about 130,000 MWhrs renewable baseload power to the grid – enough to power over 15000 households for a year.

“The strategic location of the site means we can realise our long-held ambition to add resource recovery to the toolkit and conduct additional sorting at our Epping facility and remove materials that can be recycled,” McVey said.

“Combining the innovative technologies at both GSWT and this strategic location is a huge win for the environment,” McVey said.

GSWT has the Australian rights to Norway’s ENERGOS Technologies processes which are specifically designed to be a small-scale cost-effective waste to energy treatment plant which has minimal impact on the environment.

“By using this technology at our Epping plant, we’re confident we can reduce greenhouse emissions by about 240,000 tonnes Greenhouse Gas-e per year while ensuring minimal waste goes to landfill,” McVey said.

“The small footprint and fully-enclosed nature of Great Southern’s facilities means local communities can deliver tangible benefits to the environment and generate energy while maintaining the current amenity of the local area.”