One year after the launch of #CleanSeas, the tide is turning

One year after the launch of #CleanSeas, the tide is turning

Posted on May 1, 2018 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

Do you feel uneasy when you buy a coffee in a takeaway plastic cup? Perhaps you feel awkward buying that bottle of water?

Source: One year after the launch of #CleanSeas, the tide is turning

Here are some of the pledges that have already been made:

  • Belgium, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Panama and the Philippines are drawing up or adopting national plans and legislation to combat marine litter.
  • Canada, which has the world’s longest coastline, is funding community-based programmes, like beach clean-ups, and continuing critical research into the impact of microplastics. It is also drawing up regulations to ban the manufacture and sale of toiletries containing microbeads.
  • Indonesia has committed to reduce plastic waste by 70 per cent by 2030
  • Kenya, Jordan, Madagascar, Chile and France have banned or pledged to ban single-use or non-biodegradable plastic bags.
  • Israel aims to have 70 per cent of its beaches clean 70 per cent of the time this year and is implementing a ban on certain types of plastic bags.
  • Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden have committed to implement the “Nordic programme” on a sustainable approach to plastics by preventing plastic waste, encouraging recycling and promoting a circular economy
  • New Zealand has committed to ban products containing plastic. microbeads from June and is developing options to get rid of single-use plastic bags.

We don’t see Australia in this list