Plastic proves its worth for brands -UK

Posted on March 23, 2016 by DrRossH in Plastic Waste News

The numbers stack up for the rigid plastics market with steady growth forecast over the next decade. So what makes this material so appealing for brands and what challenges does it face? Simon Clarke finds out

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There needs to be a lot more discussion on the end of life than the token amount given above.   The manufacturers are selfishly only looking at their total production costs.
The mention of biodegradable plastics above was simply incorrect.  Either the author or the industry person does not know what they are talking about and should not write on such an important topic until they do know the actual details.  What they were referring to was bioplastic.  A plastic made from plants.  A bioplastic is not a biodegradable plastic.  PET from sugar cane is the exact same molecule as made from oil.  Not biodegradable at all.

If the industry is so concerned about their clients getting quality food items AND were concerned about the huge problems their plastic is causing in the world then they should not be opposed to a plastics tax.  An extra fee on every plastic item sold to cover the reclaiming of the plastic item so it does not get loose in the environment or oceans.

Just making and saying a plastic is recyclable does not exonerate them of any responsibility at all.  A plastic can only be recycled 2-3 times before its properties are no longer suitable.   That means it has to go to rubbish sooner than later.  So all plastic recycling is doing is delaying the inevitable for a few months or a year or two.  After that it all has to go to rubbish.  The only way to treat plastic rubbish is to incinerate it to claim the energy from it or put it through the waste to oil plants to get the oil back out of it.  Both of these options incur costs of collection and transportation back to the facilities.   that is what the plastics tax would cover.    The industry needs to support this.  If they don’t then they are showing they only care about their profits and noting else.  That is wrong.