Powell River residents push for plastic ban – Canada

Powell River residents push for plastic ban – Canada

Posted on March 23, 2017 by DrRossH in Plastic Limiting Regulations

A potential ban of plastic single-use water bottles is being raised again to City of Powell River council after it received letters from residents and a recommendation from the city’s youth council. . .

Source: Powell River residents push for plastic ban

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Dyck’s letter points out the wastefulness of the bottles given the high quality of Powell River’s water supply. “We are so fortunate here in Powell River to have such wonderful, safe, clean water right from our taps,” she wrote. “Corporations have been allowed by our government to extract millions of litres of our most precious resource, fresh water, then they sell it back to us for a profit, leaving us with mountain-high piles of nature-destroying plastic bottles.” Meanwhile, the city’s youth council is also taking a stand on the issue. Youth council recommended to its adult counterparts that due to the impact of plastic water bottles, the city needs to step up and stop selling them at Powell River Recreation Complex and city hall.

Any real measure to restrict the use of disposable plastic is a good step.  Time and time again it ahs been shown that education does not work.  Either a ban or a charge (of significant value) has shown to work quite successfully on that product.
It is more logical to work one item at a time, bottles, then bag, then coffee cups, then straws etc.  Trying to enact one multi item bit of legislation will probably fail every time due to the lobbying efforts of multiple corporations (who care more about their profits that our world)  joining forces.